About Us

A desire to create an open and broad service

On Charge came from an idea of a Swiss student in China passionate about design and fascinated by innovation in what it can bring to everyone in our every day lives.


Back in Switzerland after several months outside the country, he encountered a situation in which everyone must have already found themselves. : running out of battery while being away from home, therefore being forced to search for a solution.


Being crouched at a wall socket, leaving his smartphone without surveillance or simply not finding a wall socket, possibilities are limited and unpleasant.


We have looked for the best solution to this very common problem


Whether you are at nightfall in a bar with friends, in the café, in the gym after work or simply that you are running out of battery during the day, whatever the situation, the objective of the service is to be there when you need it and to offer freedom and comfort.


This comfort does not only relate to recharging your smartphone anywhere. It also relates to recharging your smartphone close at hand giving you the freedom to move freely while recharging your smartphone.


The team

The project is led by three Lausanne students from all walks of life. The first is studying design, the second is in medicine and the third is at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne. Everybody make his contribution to enable the good functioning of the service, driven by passion and the desire to change things.


On behalf of the whole team, we hope to provide you with the best possible quality of service and wish you good use of On Charge.


© KJN Innovation. All rights reserved.
© KJN Innovation. All rights reserved.